About Us

Israel MedicUp investment group is focused on advancing medtech and life science innovation in Israel – a country leading in technological entrepreneurship. We identify disruptive technologies and start-ups and support their transformation to become influential players in the healthcare industry.

Our flagship collaboration agreement with Rambam Health Care Campus is spearheading our investments, providing us with access to a pipeline of cutting-edge technologies.

Our Approach

We provide our portfolio companies with an exceptional supportive network that helps steer them along the journey to success. We invest in these innovations with expert guidance and assistance in technology development, clinical trials, management, business strategy, and commercialization.

Strategic Partnership

Israel MedicUp has established a strategic cooperation agreement with Rambam Health Care Campus, one of Israel’s most advanced hospitals. We are given full access to the technologies developed by its professionals, and the right to formulate the commercial terms of licenses for the technologies that we select for our portfolio.
Israel MedicUp also explores investment opportunities from other sources: research institutions, hospitals, cooperation with medtech accelerators and incubators, VCs, and more.

Strategic agreement with Rambam Hospital

The agreement with Rambam gives the company the right to examine technologies developed at Rambam, while determining the commercial principles of licenses to be granted to the company in respect of the technologies to be selected. In accordance with the agreement, any technology that the company finds to have the potential for success will be examined by the company and its consultants. Subject to the approval of the Investment Committee, the company will establish a dedicated subsidiary, which will sign a license agreement with Rambam, and will work for the development and commercialization of the technology.

  • Ideas born out of work = finding the most accurate needs.
  • Medical solutions based on knowledge and in-depth knowledge of the professionals.
  • Maximizing existing resources and lowering development costs
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