• Algorithm-Based Diagnosis of Body Fluids

    Fluid Medical is developing a breakthrough solution for examination of pancreatic cysts that provides accurate clinical diagnosis within minutes.

  • The Need

    Today, tens of thousands of surgical procedures are performed worldwide to determine whether pancreatic cysts are malignant. Current methods for diagnosing cyst fluid extracted by endoscope are not sufficiently accurate, such that 40% of patients with benign pancreatic cysts undergo unnecessary exploratory surgery due to uncertain lab results. (Jais B. et al. 2015)

  • Fluid Medical’s Solution

    Fluid Medical’s algorithm-based technology will enable immediate and accurate cyst fluid classification based on the physical properties of the fluid sample.

    • Significantly reduces the number of unnecessary exploratory surgeries performed to examine non-cancerous pancreatic cysts
    • Saves extensive hospital costs and eliminating unnecessary risk to the patient
    • Enables immediate drug treatment via the endoscope for malignant cysts and improved patient outcomes
  • Market Potential

    No similar solutions are currently in clinical use.

    Potential for further clinical indications, enabling on-site, rapid and precise diagnosis of other body fluids (e.g., gallbladder, abdominal edema, synovial (joint) fluid in the knee/hip)

Proof of concept trial (planned for 2021) to be followed by partnership agreements with large companies operating in the field of endoscope examination devices.

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