• System preventing blood clot formation in catheters

    Cathway Medical is innovating with a technology that prevents central venous catheter blockage (occlusion) due to blood clot formation

  • The Need

    Blockage, primarily due to blood clotting, is the most common noninfectious complication in long-term implanted venous catheters, which are placed to enable intravenous therapies and chronic treatments. More than 5 million venous catheters are placed every year in the United States and 1 in 4 is likely to become occluded. Occlusion requires premature catheter replacement and increases risk of morbidity and mortality among chronically treated patients.

  • Cathway Medical’s Solution

    Cathway Medical’s technology applies a novel electric-based component to the catheter, enabling deflection of clotting matter with a low level alternating electrical field and preventing occlusion.

    • Extends catheter life and function with effective drug flow for improved outcomes
    • Reduces the need for catheter replacement surgeries that increase risk to patients
    • Reduces related hospital admissions, length of stay, and associated hospital costs (surgical suite, medical teams, perioperative care)
  • Market Potential

    No similar solutions are currently in clinical use.

    • Hundreds of thousands of chronic patients are treated with long-term implanted catheters each year.
    • Potential for further clinical applications where occlusion is common, including ports for dialysis patients, arterial grafts, catheters for short-term interventional therapies, cardiac stents, peripheral stents, urinary catheters, bile stents, and even VP shunts.

Proof of concept pre-clinical trial (planned for 2021) to be followed by clinical trials with advanced product licensing agreements with large companies manufacturing and marketing advanced catheter solutions.